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Why does my business need a web site?

An effective web site can:

1. Sell Your Products or Services – you can generate additional revenue and expand your customer base to a global marketplace, rather than the traditional 50 mile radius of your physical location.
2. Advertise/Promote Your Business – a web site is a tremendous
way to make others aware of your business and in many cases, it serves as the first point of contact between you and your customers - and you know what they say about first impressions.
3. Inform – a web site can serve as a fantastic resource of information for visitors about your business or organization.
4. Generate Qualified Leads – It's all about providing precise information - your web site can serve as your "commercial" for a visitor searching for information. It is also a great way for you to position yourself as an expert and establish credibility and trust (a major issue on the web).
5. Reduce Workload for yourself and your personnel (i.e. customer service staff) and more efficiently deal with orders/bookings/etc.
6. Build Your Brand Awareness – a quality site reflects very positively on the branding of your business.

Today, over 250 million people in North America alone can browse the World Wide Web. Shouldn't they be aware of your products or services?

Can I build my own web site and not use a web site designer?

Absolutely, there are many educational materials available to you. However, the most prudent use of your limited precious resource (time) would be to outsource this project to an experienced designer like Capture Web Design & Development. As your business team member, we will walk you through the process, resulting in a business web site that conveys your marketing strategy to new potential cyberspace customers.

Is the web site design process complicated?

While some may want it to appear to be extremely complex at Capture Web Design & Development, we keep the entire web site design process simple for our clients. We are attentive in listening to our client's goals and then designing the web site strategy and service solutions to aid our clients in achieving their goals. Our services include all aspects of the process from domain name registration through design, testing, web hosting, launch and web site management and analysis.

How long will it take for me to have a my web site on the Internet?

This is hard to pin point. Since your business is unique your web site will be customized to your needs. Time is determined by two main factors. 1) The size of the web site and 2) the site's functionality. For example a basic 4 page web site (Home Page, Services/Products, About Us, and a Contact Us Form) would not take as long as a more complex E-Commerce site with 100's of pages. With that said, on average, it will take about 4 to 8 weeks once the business web site goals and objectives are defined to having the web site launched on the Internet. While the process can be accelerated somewhat through the use of web site templates, at Capture Web Design & Development we believe that a customized site works best for our clients, which takes about 4 to 8 weeks.

Would a new web site cost more than what I can afford?

The cost of a new web site varies from business to business. While we do have some standard web site packages for churches, non-profits, individuals and families starting at $795, most business web sites are customized to each client. The pricing for an average business web site usually ranges between $995 to $2,495, depending upon the level of graphics, visuals, number of pages on the site, automation and technological aspects desired by each client. We strongly believe, that as the business owner you will make the final pricing determination regarding the web site design that meets your needs and budget.

Can you help re-design my current web site?

We can help you in several ways regarding your existing web site by simply making some minor web site and content changes or we can conduct an analysis of your current web site to determine if a complete re-design is necessary. Once the web site analysis is completed, we will provide you with a listing of our recommendations and you would then elect which ones to implement.

With all the buzz words being used when discussing web site design, where can I find out what each one means?

At Capture Web Design & Development, we suggest that our clients familiarize themselves with the latest new words by going to the free web site of www.wikipedia.org and type in web hosting, as an example , to obtain a definition. Another great site that can help the small business owner is the www.sba.gov . Please take advantage of these and other free web sites when you have a question about what is a URL, HTML, or E-Commerce.

How do I go about getting a web site for my business?

Call us today at 1-800-883-9597 or fill out our Contact Us form and we will be happy to assist you in taking your business to the next level and increasing your business' exposure on the Internet.

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